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Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd (EMS) - Stand 1

Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd (EMS) provide a holistic service to clients around their environmental requirements – ‘Industry’s Environmental Partner’. 

EMS helps businesses meet and maintain environmental compliance by providing services, products and equipment hire for water and wastewater monitoring, air and emissions monitoring, and services in data acquisition, environmental management and training. Our dedicated innovation department draws on these capabilities to work at the forefront of new developments in environmental monitoring and to provide specialist consultancy services.

EMS’s market is made up of a wide range of industrial and water industry clients, large and small. Our industrial clients are across many sectors, including heavy industry, food and drink, pharmaceutical, power, automotive and aeronautical, construction, and the water industry. 

Our advisory services around ISO14001 and permitting overlay our monitoring and survey work. Additional value-added products, e.g. data acquisition systems, give our clients immediate and centralised access to environmental data.

TAWI UK Ltd - Stand 2

A company which provide complete solutions for efficient and safe lifting.  With TAWI, anyone can lift!     

TAWI delivers integrated products including crane systems, vacuum lifters, hoists and lifting trolleys. Our vacuum lifters can assist with all manner of manual handling tasks. From lifting boxes and sacks, to moving foodstuffs and panels.  Whilst our trolleys can turn, tilt and rotate heavy barrels, reels and so much more!

Our products are developed in house and hand crafted in our head office in Sweden. We have a skilled team that work with each customer individually to design bespoke solutions for every manual handling need. 

TAWI offer a complete solution and our dedicated customer support is integral to this. From our initial design service right through to our aftersales team, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations.

Contact TAWI today. Tel: 01604591120 Website: www.tawi.co.uk

Lakeland Industries Europe Ltd - Stand 3

Lakeland Industries is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of industrial protective clothing with sales servicing customers in 54 countries. The company offers a wide range of clothing for protection against hazardous chemicals, flames and heat, focussing on innovation to enhance protection and comfort for industrial workers globally.

Two innovations are focussed on in 2017:-

“The Guide to Chemical Suit Selection”

A manual for selectors of chemical incorporating the many and varied factors that might influence the decision. This is supported by the availability of our “Chemical Suit Study Days” – seminars to assist users to better understand the process of chemical suit selection and make better selection decisions.

The Permasure® Toxicity Risk Modeller is an online tool allowing quickly calculation of actual safe use times for Lakeland chemical suits against 4000+ chemicals – taking into account chemical toxicity and temperature.

Permasure® is an invaluable tool for emergency responders. It enables more detailed risk assessments for real-world situations – allowing an answer in seconds to the question “How long am I safe in this suit against this chemical?” – including against various CWA.

Lakeland uses expertise to help users understand the complexities of chemical protection. Our Chemical Suit Study days are available to set up in any location for a full or half day and are ideal for both end users’ and distributors’ delegates. They will take part in three interactive group sessions looking at the suit selection, chemical permeation and comparison of different suits available.

Shirley Parsons Ltd - Stand 4

Shirley Parsons Ltd is a Professional Talent Practice specialising in the Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality professions. From a standing start in 2005 the company quickly became the largest specialist Executive Search and Recruitment business of its kind in the UK. It is the only specialist agency headed by a Chartered Safety Professional – Shirley Parsons has CMIOSH accreditation.

Our mission is to make successful placements at all levels in the HSEQ profession. In this respect, our focus has always been as much on helping HSEQ professionals to find jobs as it is on helping employers to plan ahead and recruit the right people to fill their job vacancies.

Our strength lies in our people and the reach of our networks. Shirley’s personal network spans more than 30 years in the Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality professions. Since formation, she has ensured that the scope of our networks and the quality of relationships within those networks remains at the heart of what we do. This is why we are able to excel at professional matchmaking across all industry sectors needing such expertise.

Our passion for creating healthier, safer environments across all industries means that we always go the extra mile to understand the operating environments of our end customers. To enable this we structured our business accordingly, with internal teams focused on HSEQ in industry specific sectors.

We continually research the markets and develop our networks to find job opportunities for professionals at all levels, from graduate to director. We operate as Recruitment Agents, as Talent Partners, as Head-Hunters, as Campaign Managers and as Career Consultants, but above all we are matchmakers. Whichever way you refer to us, you can be assured that as your dedicated agent or agency, we will do our utmost to find the right match for you.

MARTOR UK Ltd - Stand 5

Work Safer, Cut Smarter

MARTOR is the international leading manufacturer and partner for safer cutting solutions. We focus on high-quality safety knives for professional purposes. They're called safety knives because they are equipped with reliable safety technologies.

MARTOR knives are typically used in: Logistics, Defence, Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Food and Pharma

We help you to avoid risks in the workplace and the resulting accidents. Not only is this good business practice, it is good for your employees to work more safely and in greater comfort using ergonomic knives.

MARTOR service includes:

- Diverse range of safety knives

- Free site surveys

- In-house training

- Guidance on compliance

D. Tec International Ltd - Stand 6

Did you know that many police forces now catch more drug drivers than drink?

D.Tec is a specialist provider of safety critical workplace drug and alcohol testing solutions. Our bespoke service includes policy advice, educational courses and testing solutions based on the non-invasive DrugWipe as used at the roadside by all police across England, Wales and now Scotland. We have a longstanding national customer base across industries such as public transport, logistics, construction, aviation and also F1.

Ask Gareth Siddons or Dan Jones at stand 8 why our customers are so enamoured by our complete service and remain loyal to our system, some now for over 20 years!

D.Tec International Limited  – 0800 371 898 – Enquiries@dtecinternational.com – www.dtecinternational.com

GVS Filter Technology UK Ltd - Stand 7

GVS Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of micro-filtration devices. GVS Filter Technology produces a wide range of filters and components, including innovative in-house filtration media development, covering many applications in healthcare, life sciences, automotive, safety, chemical & carbon, cosmetic and construction. 

The Health and Safety division offers a range of innovative and unique half face respirators, which incorporate the best in class quality filter media manufactured by GVS.The range includes the Elipse P3 half mask, which is the most compact and lightweight half mask on the market, weighing 130g. 

In response to the new welding regulations launched in 2019, the P3 Elipse will sit comfortably under welding visors whilst meeting all the regulatory requirements needed. 

GVS offer a full range of filters to cover all respiratory hazards. The Elipse range of safety masks is manufactured entirely in the UK for the construction, agricultural, automotive, manufacturing, mining and fabrication industries. 

In addition to the mask range, GVS have been producing HVAC filters for over 30 years and our aim has always been to be ahead of market trends and developments to ensure we develop mutually advantageous business relationships with our clients. 

Mates in Mind - Stand 8

3 out of 5 employees experience mental health issues because of work, we believe this needs to change.

Mates in Mind is a leading UK charity that enables UK organisations, of any size, to improve their workforces’ mental health. We do this by providing the skills, clarity and confidence to employers on how to raise awareness, improve understanding and address the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Working alongside our partners, sector leaders and growing community of Supporters, our work is delivering effective change across construction, related industries and more widely. We bring insight and expertise that is improving the understanding of mental health across hundreds of workplaces.

Importantly, our approach enables individuals to understand how, when and where they can get support. 

Let’s talk: matesinmind.org.

Peritus Health Management - Stand 9

Peritus Health Management is a family owned and managed business which prides itself on strong, long standing relationships with our customers. We seek to support and supply all our customers old and new with a professional, efficient, yet friendly service and deliver a complete solution for all your Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene needs.

We aim to promote and protect the health of our customer’s most valuable resources, their employees, ensuring health, safety and employment law compliance. 

Our flexible approach to service delivery ensures your needs are met and you receive high quality, easily accessible occupational health care and occupational hygiene services that are value for money. As part of your comprehensive package Peritus Health Management will:

•    Offer structure to the services supplied through the provision of policy support and training;
•    Assess the health needs of their customers, with competent occupational hygiene support as required, and offer services tailored to those identified needs;
•    Deliver occupational health services to recognised professional standards, providing feedback to both the business and employees;
•    Supply knowledgeable and experienced staff who are competent to fulfil the roles required.
•    Provide quality managed systems of work to Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s ‘Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Services’ (SEQOHS) standards with efficient and effective communication;
•    Ensure that the staff planning, and development policies are linked to the changing legislative and commercial demands and research-based practices.

SMH Products Ltd - Stand 10

Decontamination specialists across all industries.

SMH provides highly specialised decontamination equipment, products and services to all industries and sectors where workers, the general public or the environment are at risk of exposure to hazardous substances, including:
Mineral contaminants such as those found in asbestos removal, mining, or dusts released during construction and demolition work, or even DIY and renovation; Nuclear abatement in power stations, during building work or decommissioning; Biological hazards such as mould from demolition work, viruses and bacteria in infection control, game hygiene, or pest management; and Chemical hazards found in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and chemical processing industries, as well as during many emergencies or accidents.

Whatever your requirements are, SMH is the right choice for your decontamination work. 

A trusted partner. We work very closely with our customers offering them tailored service making sure that we deliver a complete solution that works for them every time. We can do everything from a custom design and manufacture of a product to a straightforward hire from our huge fleet. Whatever you need.

Trained engineers in our branches provide local servicing, testing, repair and maintenance services for a range of products and equipment.

Gateway Consultants (HSW) Ltd - Stand 11

Strategic Health, Safety & Wellbeing Consultants

We are passionate about developing organisations to realise their full potential.

We have nearly 40 years experience working in Health and Safety, across the Transport and Construction sectors.

We champion Health as important as Safety and have worked with Clients, Main Contractors and Contractors to lead and support behaviour and culture changes.

Our Services Include:

  • Strategic Action Planning
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Alliances, JV'S, Partnerships & Collaborative Working
  • Skills Workshop and Training
  • Health & Safety Improvement
  • Stress Management Standards

BRE SmartSite - Stand 12


Software for better construction site safety, health, environmental and quality performance. 

We are dedicated to improving the built environment with our software solutions. Our software is tailored to meet every single one of our customer's needs and our wealth of experience and knowledge in the built environment enables us to help support our customers in managing and reducing their environmental outputs and helping them meet their health, safety and quality goals. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to working with customers as their software partner.

In the construction industry, we work with major companies such as Mace, Kier, Keltbray and many more to achieve their environmental and health and safety goals. 

SGS United Kingdom Ltd - Stand 14

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 97,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world.

We provide competitive advantage, drive sustainability and deliver trust. At SGS, we are continually pushing ourselves to deliver innovative services and solutions that help our customers move their businesses forward.

The audit, certification, training and advisory services we provide our customers allow them to enhance their business processes, improve the performance of their management systems and people and gain a real advantage over the competition. Our mission is to help customers continue to improve in their path towards sustainable development. Partnering with a global leader opens the door to better performing processes, increasingly skillful talent, consistent and compliant supply chains and more sustainable customer relationships – all key components in attaining competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Brightboot - Stand 15

The world's first high visibility safety work wear boot.  Brightboot provides a compliant waterproof safety boot, combined with compliant hi - visibility materials, suitable for many industry sectors from construction to mining. Brightboot employs innovative thinking to offer measurable differentiation and benefits, unlike any other product on the market. Including 360-degree hi-visibility in low light, daylight and at night. The boots are ergonomically designed to support and fit snuggly around the ankle and achilles. 

Brightboot conform to the EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 HRO CI SRA footwear safety standard, whilst the neoprene upper and 3M retro reflective elements comply to EN ISO 20471:2013 high visibility standard.100% waterproof.

Historically the emphasis on PPE in the footwear category has focused totally on the protection of the wearer's foot, which has undoubtedly reduced the amount of foot injuries. However, little or nothing has been done to increase the visibility of safety footwear, until now.

The most common cause of injury is being hit by a moving vehicle, therefore anything that helps to increase visibility in the workplace, merits implementation, Brightboot is the solution.

For further information, contact  Marcus Aldred, Brightboot. Tel. 01752 851517 email: marcus.aldred@brightboot.com

iTip Handles - Stand 16

Adding ITip handles to your tippable apparatus is the safest  and easiest way to manoeuvre and tip your loaded wheelbarrow, sack trolley or cement mixer.  Also of great benefit when fitted onto wheelchairs and stretchers or anything else that you benefit from comfortably and safely changing position of your grip. They prevent strains and other injuries and reduce the risk of muscular skeletal disorder (MSD).

Rather than our own words, here’s some we have received from Professionals...

HSE Professional...
Health and Safety professionals always apply the hierarchy of control when assessing risks. Often the solution for a manual handling task is to reduce the risk of injury by introducing wheelbarrows, trolleys or sack trucks into our task design. However, this introduces new (often forgotten) ergonomic risks in the form of:

  • Fixed handles with no flexibility of movement
  • Difficult grip in a fixed position
  • Need to change grip for the final movement of tipping the load – creating jarring action.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your controls by eliminating poor ergonomic handling of your manual handling equipment and removing likelihood of jarring injuries – you no longer need to rely on training alone
  • HSE’s Risk assessment of pushing and pulling (RAPP) tool – inclusion of itip handles on your equipment when completing this assessment will significantly improve your outcome

Director and Clinical Lead Physiotherapist...
​It is always good news to find a product that reduces the risk of injury and makes a task easier and quicker.  These handles enable the user to steer the wheelbarrow with more ease, reducing the twisting action of the spine to go around corners.

When it comes to emptying the wheelbarrow they allow for a reduced tipping angle –  excellent  for reducing  strain on the joints at the back of the spine, and  reduce the pressure on the discs between the vertebra. They allow for a better biomechanical efficiency in the arms and hands, making it easier on the joints of the shoulders, elbows and wrists. The emptying is done with the joints in a more mid-range rather than at the extreme end of joints’ extension.

When doing any work involving repetitive tasks with a wheelbarrow, a device which reduces risk of injury is good news for both health and safety and user experience.”

Globus Group - Stand 17

Globus Group

Globus Group is a leading manufacturer and provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). With decades of experience helping international companies reduce accident rates within their workforces, our specialists can work alongside your Health and Safety team to carry out trials and evaluations, ensuring the PPE solution is effective and an appropriate fit for all areas of your business. 

Our portfolio includes gloves from hand protection brands, SHOWA® and SKYTEC®, complemented by a range of ALPHA SOLWAY® high performance chemical protective clothing, respiratory protection and hearing protection products. Our RILEY® range incorporates high performance protective glasses and goggles. All products are proven to perform in extreme conditions.

SoundCam - Stand 18

The SoundCam is the world's first fully portable, splash-proof, battery-powered acoustic-imaging camera. Like thermal imaging but for sound, the SOUNDCAM locates sound sources in real-time superimposed on a video picture. 

Previously this revolutionary technology came in the form of complex and fragile hardware and software for experts.  Coming on the market in early 2019, the SoundCam is the only acoustic camera that is truly portable and robust, and which anyone can learn to use in 5 minutes.  

With 64 microphones measuring at 48kHz, and 100 frames/sec of acoustic pictures, it has pinpoint accuracy and speed that very few can match, for a fraction of the price of other systems. 
Priced at 8k, it is rapidly becoming part of the standard toolkit for anyone working with acoustic issues.

This is mind-blowing, game-changing high-tech that anyone can use!
As UK distributor for CAE Software and Systems GmbH, the market leader worldwide, we supply quality made in Germany

Tork - Stand 19

A leading global brand in workplace hygiene.

We're passionate about helping you improve your business - from raising your bottom line, to making your working life better.  This starts with understanding your business.  Your needs are what drive our people and our cutting edge innovations.  We are all about getting the important details in place, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

There are few businesses where hygiene has such a direct impact on the bottom line as hotels, restaurants and cafés. Our solutions, tools and expertise can help you quickly take care of your daily kitchen, dining and washroom needs. That way, you'll have more time for what matters most: keeping your customers happy.

Let's get ready for business

Moldex - Stand 20

Moldex is a leading manufacturer of hearing and respiratory products.

Our products are created with the concept of making PPE easier, safer and more comfortable for the end-user by using innovative ideas and technologies. With huge emphasis on R&D, Moldex are continuously developing new ideas and technologies. A key factor to our success lies in attention to detail both in product development and process technology.

We make almost all product components in house, down to weaving the elastic straps on our FFP’s. We even make the machines that make the products, enabling us to keep improving & innovating our ranges.

RS Industrial Services Ltd - Stand 21

We’re not your usual trade supplier

RS Industrial Services,  provide Workwear, PPE, Tools, Cranes, Lifting Equipment and Industrial Training to clients from across the North East and the rest of the UK. What makes us different is that we also offer one of the friendliest approaches in the business, an unrivalled commitment to great customer service, and a dedication to always going one step further when it comes to helping you solve your engineering and lifting problems.

We put our customers first

Whatever you need from us, you can rest assured that it comes with the very best possible service. In fact, our success and growth are down to the way we work with our customers and clients, and we focus on building the kind of long lasting relationships that will keep you coming back time after time.

Let our team of specialists help you

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Sourcing specific items, giving advice on bespoke manufacturing and modifications or just a no-obligation chat about your requirements and how they can be fulfilled.

Orbis Protect - Stand 22

Innovative solutions to protect your employees. Orbis are the longest standing provider of lone worker protection solutions, changing the way employees are protected since 2001.

Our services are supported by our in-house Category II Alarm Receiving Centre which currently supports over 25,000 lone workers. 

Evac+Chair® - Stand 23

When it comes to evacuating a building in the event of an emergency, all organisations need to be prepared to ensure everyone can exit their premises safely. With this in mind, extra precautions are required to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users and the mobility impaired who may require additional assistance. 

Evacuation chairs are proven to be the most efficient and user-friendly method to assist with the evacuation of the mobility impaired, enabling both operator and passenger to exit a building, safely and efficiently. 

Evac+Chair® is the recognised global leader in stairway evacuation for people with disabilities or mobility impairments. Established for more than 35 years, with its headquarters and manufacturing based in the West Midlands, Evac+Chairs are exported to over 50 countries around the world and installed in a variety of environments, including; offices, hotels, schools, universities, sports stadia, retail outlets, factories and various healthcare settings.

First Aid Training @ North East Ambulance Service - Stand 24

We are the trainer of choice for public, private and third sector organisations across the North East of England.  Since 2012, we have trained over 25,000 delegates from over 1,500 businesses and organisations.

Our award-winning First Aid Training team delivers paramedic-led training to ensure you have the skills required within your workplace or social environment to deal with any incidents. We can help you to make sure your skills are up-to-date and that you comply with UK regulations.

We offer a wide range of courses, including many that are nationally recognised and accredited, to help to support you and your workplace. This includes: 

•  First Aid at Work (Ofqual)
•  Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)​
•  Trauma training including Immediate Emergency Care (IEC)​
•  Paediatric First Aid (Ofqual)​
•  Emergency First Aid at Work (Ofqual)​
•  CPR, Anaphylaxis and AED​
•  Fire Safety​
•  Conflict Resolution​
•  Drug Awareness​

The money that we raise through training and event cover is reinvested back into our ambulances and crews. Given the challenging environment we operate in, we massively appreciate the support we receive from our customers. Choosing us as your training provider really does make a difference and enables us to invest more into patient care.

TTC Group - Stand 25

TTC Group are a leading provider of road safety training and services, educating 500,000 road users annually. For businesses we provide services to reduce fleet operating costs and risk by improving driver safety and compliance with the law. We offer fleet risk management services and driver training for companies with commercial vehicles, PCV’s, fleet vehicles and grey-fleet drivers.

Our services include: 

•    Fleet audit
•    Policy creation and communication
•    Driver risk profiling
•    DVLA licence checking
•    Grey fleet management
•    Training – delivered eLearning, in-class or on-road

All managed through our online Fleet Risk Management Portal, Continuum, providing one view of your complete driving community at company, division and individual level. Saving you time and reducing administration in running your fleet.

Our services are Quality Assured to the highest international standards. We are one of only a handful of UK organisations to have been awarded the ISO:39001 Road Traffic Safety Management Systems accreditation.

For more information call us on 03330 113 113, visit: www.thettcgroup.com or email: contactus@ttc-uk.com.

ATG - Intelligent Glove Solutions - Stand 26

Focused on innovation and quality, ATG® designs, develops and manufactures gloves that enhance the performance of the most sophisticated work tool, the hand.

We believe in keeping it simple and offer just four brands that are skin friendly, extremely comfortable and highly durable , accredited by the skin Health Alliance.

A fully integrated approach ,we control all elements of the manufacturing. From covering and twisting of yarns, knitting liners, coating, to finishing and packing. Being a fully integrated business helps us in the development and transition of products from laboratory concept to full production.

Once in production, we operate according to ISO 9001 standards to control the manufacturing process, which enables us to deliver consistent and high quality gloves each and every time.

Not a single element of any product is outsourced.

Peoplesafe - Stand 27

Peoplesafe are experts in lone worker safety, delivering a tailored and fully managed service to organisations and individual users.  Our varied range of devices and solutions means that we can offer the most suitable protection for a lone or mobile worker, whatever their job role.

Our clients benefit from:

  • 24/7, purpose-built Alarm Receiving Centre certified against BS 8484:2016, BS 5979 (Cat II), ‘Secured by Design’ and ISO 9001
  • Personal safety devices certified against BS 8484:2016 and ‘Secured by Design’
  • A range of specialist devices suited for those working in extreme environments and specific roles
  • Peoplesafe software on mobile phones and smartphones
  • Exceptional proactive service, including detailed reports on device usage
  • Our online customer service portal allowing administrators to update user details and allocate devices in real-time
  • Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) giving us direct access to Police control rooms, bypassing the 999 service

Peoplesafe is part of the Send for Help Group – the world's largest lone worker protection provider; featured in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 List for 2016, 2017 & 2018.

MGL Group - Stand 28

In an industry where health and safety is vital to the welfare of our employees, the communities in which we work and the progression of our business, we at MGL Group operate a Zero Harm Policy across all companies. 

We believe Zero Harm is achieved through developing our people and proactively engaging with our clients and communities.

As a result of this safety aware environment, we have developed an in house safety culture that has seen us invest in our own work force's training and development to such a degree that we have developed our own training centre, MGL Training Services, with the capacity to roll out training to the wider construction community.

In April 2017 we achieved UKATA Accreditation to deliver Asbestos Training, courses include Level 1 CCDO, Asbestos Manager, Asbestos Supervisor, Asbestos Operative, Asbestos Awareness, Asbestos in Soils, and all Refreshers Courses. Health & Safety Short Courses include Manual Handling, Abrasive Wheels, Cable Avoidance Detection Tools, Fire Marshall, Safety Harness Use and Inspection, Plant & Vehicle Marshaller and Safe Working at Heights.

For course dates and details please contact MGL Training Services on 0191 3839900 or email: training@mglgroup.co.uk 

The Safety Knife Company - Stand 29

Founded in 1993, The Safety Knife Company have been bringing you the latest Safety and Utility Knife innovations for over 25 years, significantly reducing the risk of injuries in the workplace.

All of our manufactured products are made right here in the UK and we strongly value our local supplier relationships. Most of our members of staff have been with us for over 10 years, enabling us to offer you extensive product knowledge and outstanding customer service.

Following a fantastic year last year, including an MBE award to the original inventor of the first Safety Knife Mr Bill Ireland, we are excited for the year ahead, ensuring that we are always offering you the very best alternatives to open bladed knives.

IOSH - Stand 30

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is the Chartered body for safety and health professionals, a registered charity and an international NGO, with more than 48,000 members in 130 countries. We act as a champion, adviser, advocate and trainer for safety and health in organisations of all sizes. Our range of courses are suitable for all levels, delivered by face-to-face and e-learning, and split across three categories: core education, management education and executive education.

Globally, 2.78 million people suffer work-related deaths each year, with 19 organisations receiving fines of £1million or more due to health and safety offences (IOSH-Osborne Clark LLP, 2016). IOSH develop courses back by research; In the UK alone, absence due to mental ill health costs £8billion per year, with a reduced productivity cost of a further £15billion (Centre for Mental Health). The impact of poor health and safety management is overwhelming. Our preventative course Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing is designed remove these barriers. There is a €2.20 return for every €1 invested in health and safety (ISSA, 2013). By creating a health and safety culture, these issues can be combatted. Our training and skills enables preventative action to build a positive culture.

Nicola Wheatley, Customer Engagement Manager, will be on stand 35 to answer all your IOSH queries. 

Weatherall Equipment and Instruments Ltd - Stand 31

Weatherall Equipment and Instruments ltd are the Exclusive UK distributor for Riken Keiki Japan Co Ltd.

Riken Keiki are Japans oldest and largest gas detector and sensor manufacture and offer a wide range of Fixed and Portable Gas Detectors for Combustible, Toxic, Oxygen and speciality gases.

New for 2019 is the GX-3R family the worlds smallest 4 and 5 gas monitors with Bluetooth, Lone worker monitoring, ideal for wearing in the "Breath Zone". 

Leica Geosystems - Stand 32

Leica Geosystems –- when it has to be right 
Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200 years, Leica Geosystems is the industry leader in measurement and information technologies. Known for innovative product and solution development, professionals in a diverse mix of industries, such as utility detection, avoidance & mapping, surveying and engineering, building and heavy construction, safety and security, and power and plant trust Leica Geosystems for all their geospatial needs. 

Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B, hexagon.com), a leading global provider of information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes.

Health and Safety Matters - Stand 33

Health and Safety Matters magazine is the leading voice for the UK Health and Safety sector. Providing news and analysis with regular commentary from all the major associations.  HSM also provides information on the latest products and services within the market, and is the official journal for the BSIF. HSM is packed full of informative and educational features designed to offer insight into every aspect of health and safety.

The magazine is complemented by our market leading website, regular newsletters, the PPE insight guide and the annual BSIF guide to the industry.

HSM Is also the organisers of the annual SHE awards, which takes place on 29th April, at the VOX in Birmingham . The awards are free to enter, and a great night celebrating the great and good within the industry. www.she-awards.com

To sign up to receive your copy of the magazine, or find our more about how you can get involved in HSM or the awards, please pop by the stand and meet the team.

For more information contact Christine Fitzgerald – Portfolio manager – 07788 264 572 cfitzgerald@Western-bp.co.uk  

MRS Training & Rescue - Stand 34

For over 100 years, MRS Training & Rescue (formerly known as Mines Rescue Service), has developed specialist skills, experience and knowledge gained from working in difficult and potentially dangerous environments, to effect the rescue and escape of mine workers from underground.

However, given the gradual decline of the coal mines over many years, culminating in the closure of the last deep coal mine in December 2015, we have been able to expand and diversify to meet the needs of today’s health and safety market. We have been able to secure long term success by leveraging our expertise, and have branched out from underground mining into providing unique rescue services, specialist equipment (some of which has been designed using practical expertise gathered on the job), consultancy and a comprehensive range of accredited health and safety related products, training and services to a wide range of industries, including nuclear, aerospace, manufacturing and utilities.

We offer all levels of confined space training, rescue & recovery from confined spaces, first aid, IOSH, NEBOSH, asbestos awareness, FLT training, manual handling and fire awareness/warden. We can also tailor make courses to suit our clients specific requirements.

Tranemo Workwear Ltd - Stand 35

Tranemo Advanced Workwear is a Swedish based manufacturer of innovative and functional Workwear and together with our Danish sister company, Lyngsoe Rainwear, we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of quality Workwear and Rainwear available in today’s markets. Tranemo Advanced Workwear has long been recognised as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Inherent FR and Anti-Static Workwear. With over 80 years’ experience of manufacturing high quality Workwear, Tranemo have also now launched the new Edge GO/RT range of FR Inherent garments, as well as our new range of Lyngsoe FR Arc Rainwear. Our UK, Irish & Icelandic Head Office is based in Cramlington in the North East, meaning a fast and efficient service for all of our customers.


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Client Testimonials

“One of the best Health & Safety shows/conference’s around. Definitely value for money compared with other shows/conferences costing substantially much more. I don’t think you will find a better show anywhere. If you can only attend one conference a year make sure it’s this one”

Adrian Smith, Director, Able & Ward Ltd

“Well planned and organised event with some very interesting and resourceful guest speakers. Broke the mould from the standard “boring health and safety” stereotype. well certainly be looking to attend future events.”

Graham Ivins, SHEQ Manager, XPO Logistics

“It was my first experience of this show and I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it an excellent learning opportunity. The delegates where friendly and insightful and the conference speakers were excellent. I would thoroughly recommend attending.”

Ben Wigley, SHEQ Manager, Diamond Dispersions Ltd

“A Safety, Health and Environmental conference with a difference. Thoroughly engaging and interesting topics making you think differently about engaging in SHE with the workforce.”

Karen Bozier, QSHE Compliance Manager, North West Logistics Ltd

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